Case Study sells high quality licensed t-shirts based off of the hottest contemporary
and classic films, cartoons, video games and more. The client required a comprehensive
sitewide optimization that would optimize them for all relevant search queries.

Great work! Finally my rankings are coming back after the other SEO company ruined them.

Client Testimonial

The Challenge

The client needed to regain and surpass a high level of traffic/1st page rankings that had fallen under a previous SEO company.

The Strategy

The site lacked content, so we created a large content intiative to fill all category pages with quality content by writers who were passionate about the products/licenses.

The Results

The client achieved 1st page rankings for very competitive keywords. Licenses that the client now appeared on page 1 for include: Batgirl, Superman, Sesame Street, Spongebob Squarepants, Dragon Ball Z and more.

Page 1 Rankings Achieved

*These Google rankings might be subject to change. Please ask us for a current list.

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