Blog Development & Maintenance

Serve fresh content to your audience
Generate an online buzz and boost sales

Believe it or not, blogging can directly increase sales. Blogs give you the opportunity to provide fresh content that your audience actively searches for. This content creates a buzz that, in turn, yields additional traffic and inbound links to your website. Blogs also offer an opportunity to create internal links with keyword anchor texts that greatly boost your website’s SEO. When hiring a Florida website design company, you should also strongly consider adding a blog.

Our Blog-Related Services

Custom Blog Creation and Design

We build intuitive, user-friendly blogs that utilize the WordPress platform. WordPress blogs are inherently search engine friendly and simple to update.

Plugin Implementation/Management

Have plugins that enhance the appearance, functionality and SEO of your blog installed automatically.

Weekly Updates

Your blog will be updated on a weekly basis with articles that are relevant to your field. These articles contain unique text, images, tags, headings and other features – all of which are optimized for search engines.

User Interaction

We sort through spam to find relevant comments left by your visitors. If a reader should have a question pertaining to an article, we provide an answer on your behalf. Irrelevant spam comments are automatically filtered and deleted.

Website Integration

A link to your blog is implemented in your website’s main navigation, ensuring both search engines and human visitors will have no problem accessing it.

Social Media Connection

All posts feature buttons that allow readers to share your articles with friends and colleagues on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

The package below equals 1 month, so choose the quantity of packages/months you want when checking out.

Blog Development and Maintenance
(Includes 2 Blog Posts)