Conversion Optimization Using Google Optimizer and Analytics

Test different designs and variations of your website.
Improve your website conversion rate.

BBEX not only excels at bringing traffic to your virtual doorstep, we also help you increase the performance and conversions of your website. Working with Google Optimizer’s tool, we create and implement alternate website designs and test to determine which layout and design parts convert the most, and which need improvement.

The Process

Stage 1: Analysis

Web analytics tell us what visitors are doing on your site. Analytics will tell us exactly where people click and where they exit or abandon your website. Using this we can choose the pages that need the most work. Or we can just test your home page or whichever page(s) you want to experiment with.

Stage 2: Brainstorming & Design

Next we try and identify the top factors that if changed could have the biggest impact on your conversion rates.

What you can test:

  • Banners.
  • Slogans.
  • Pricing & Offers.
  • Certifications or Guarantees.
  • Text.
  • Testimonials.
  • Call-to-Action Buttons.
  • Graphics.
  • Colors.
  • Forms.
  • and Much More.

Stage 3: Testing

We test and report back to you with complete data using Google Analytics to easily track and understand which variation of your website has the highest conversion rate.

We will then help you implement the best performing elements found from the results so that you can start seeing increased conversions immediately.

Why guess what part of your website is converting and what isn’t, when you can find out for sure?