Craigslist Listing Management

Sell your product or service with a professional listing
Reach the broadest audience possible on craigslist

80 million ads are submitted to craigslist every day. Craigslist accounts for 2% of nearly all global web traffic. Posting your product or service to craigslist exposes it to one of the largest audiences on the web.

Knowing how to optimize your post so that it reaches the right marketplace is vital. Leave out important details, and your ad could get lost in the shuffle. Advertising your product or service on craigslist is free, but as they say, time equals money. You can’t afford to have your listings not be found by potential buyers. At BBEX, we utilize our knowledge of copywriting, search engine optimization, advertising and design to create listings that get noticed, and entice buyers to make a move, on craigslist.

Our craigslist listing management service includes the following:

Post Creation

This includes professional copywriting, images, links and more. All elements of your craigslist post will be optimized for search engines to ensure that it is found by a wider audience.

Post Submission

Submitting your post involves selecting appropriate locations and categories for maximum effect.


We will advertise your craiglist posting through social media, email blasts, blog & forum promotion, and more!


We can respond to all inquires on your behalf and forward important leads to you while filtering out noise and spam.