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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of techniques and best practices that are aimed at improving a website's visibility in organic search results, and in turn, attract qualified traffic. Regarding ecommerce websites, being found through organic search is especially alluring, due to the potential for targeted traffic and sales.

What does "organic traffic" mean?

The term, "organic (natural) search traffic" refers to non-paid traffic that naturally arrives at a website from search engines. A large portion of organic traffic stems from a query entered into the major search engine (e.g. Google).

What are the differences between on-page and off-page SEO?

SEO is categorized into two components: on-page and off-page optimization. Both of these components are highly critical to ranking success in the search engines. On-page optimization entails developing your site's content so that it is viewed by search engines as being relevant to popular keywords. Additionally, ensuring that your website's code and content are properly structured, so search engine spiders can easily index them is another big part of on-page SEO.

Off-page optimization refers to both the quality and quantity of links pointing to a web page. Search engines use such "backlinks" to assess your website's authority and relevance. Unlike on-page optimization, these off-page factors aren't directly under the control of a website's owner. However, as the owner of a website, what you can do to make your website more "link-worthy" is to create quality content that people will want to read and share across the web. This will contribute to your website's off-page optimization.

It's important to understand that both on-page optimization and off-page optimization are essential for achieving effective, long-term SEO success.

What are the differences between SEO and PPC?

The SEO process involves developing a website's content in such a way that it is optimal for search engine recognition, which increases a site's visibility to visitors that enter relevant queries in Google and other search engines. Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy. Over time, the increases in traffic (and, in turn, sales) are greatly substantial, but the process typically takes expertise (built from experience and talent), as well as time to accomplish.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing utilizes paid advertisements on search engines and websites to garner qualified clicks. An advertiser will pay for every click that is generated via a PPC campaign. The cost per click is determined through a competitive bidding system. PPC is a bit like "instant SEO" in that it allows a web owner to target specific keywords. Their ad will then appear when the chosen keywords are searched by users, but unlike non-paid, organic traffic stemming from SEO, the web owner is pays for every click.

How soon will I see results from Search Engine Optimization?

The time required to reach your goals with SEO depends on several external factors, such as the techniques that are used, keyword competitiveness, your industry's conditions and the age of your website.
After on-page optimization has been performed, you will see a noticeable increase in visibility for the keywords you are targeting. This change takes place rather quickly in most cases. However, on-page optimization alone isn't enough to realize a sizable boost in traffic with most industries. To give you an example, a page that appears on the 10th page of Google, prior to on-page optimization, may move up to the third or fourth page within a matter of weeks. This is a significant amount of movement, to be sure, but it's the first page of a search engine, especially Google, that garners the most clicks from users. Therefore, you may not see a large increase in traffic occur without the help of off-page SEO work, including link building over a period of months.

What can I expect from your SEO packages?

SEO Packages include keyword research and complete on-page and off-page optimization for your website.

They also include Social Media marketing, local directories, articles, analytics, reporting, blog writing, and much more!

An SEO Package offers a great opportunity for businesses seeking to increase their ranking in search engines. It also provides a cost efficient method to optimize large quantities of pages over time when optimizing all pages at once may not be economically feasible.

Our SEO Packages provide SEO success and are an essential online marketing activity for any business to do well online.

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Can you guarantee me anything?

For an SEO company to guarantee specific search engine results would be unethical. This is because there are uncontrollable variables that influence the rankings. If you've found an SEO company that guarantees a specific ranking position, then they most likely don't understand the fundamentals of SEO (see Google's warnings of SEO guarantees). The methods and practices employed by BBEX are ethical and have a strong track record of success.

BBEX CAN guarantee the following:

Guaranteed top results (1-10) on the major Search Engines for some/most/all of your keywords. The placement, duration and quantity is out of our control.

To improve your natural search engine traffic.

To perform our maximum effort for your services with legitimate techniques.

How can I determine if my website is optimized for search engines?

One of the most effective ways to measure your current SEO standing is to have an SEO Audit performed. BBEX offers a comprehensive and affordable audit/website analysis containing both SEO analyses and specific recommendations to help you take the next step - whether it's performing SEO yourself or hiring our SEO services.

How many keywords do you implement?

With our SEO Packages we target an UNLIMITED amount of keywords. When it comes to internet marketing Florida, we don't feel that any business should limit themselves to their potential of success, and therefore we allow you to target as many keywords as you wish.

Why would you optimize only a few pages when my site has hundreds of pages?

Web pages are ranked on an individual basis; thus, it is ideal to have each page optimized for keywords that are relevant to its content. It's best to focus on the most important landing pages of your website, because achieving SEO results for just one single webpage requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, optimizing an unlimited number of pages for a flat rate isn't feasible.

BBEX's Starter SEO Packages, which include on-page optimization of a set number of pages each month, allow you the opportunity to continuously build optimized pages for a low fee per month.

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How much involvement do you need from me?

There are a few items that we will run by you for your approval, but otherwise, you're free to be as involved or hands-off as you desire. We have clients that like to be highly involved in their SEO campaign and enjoy providing new content ideas and suggestions. On the other hand, we have clients that understandably prefer to concentrate on their day-to-day business and elect to leave all SEO efforts to the BBEX team. We respect each client's personal time commitments, and regardless of your level of involvement, our SEO team will always provide consistent reporting to ensure that you're informed on current developments.

What else would you suggest I do to increase sales and traffic to my site?

Effective SEO campaigns can substantially increase your website's organic traffic, but it cannot guarantee sales conversions. Many external variables affect conversions that are outside of the jurisdiction of SEO. However, with that being said, there are several sales Booster practices that our team recommends to all clients.

The core of success starts from a good Web design. All of the keyword optimization in the world won't improve a shopper's reaction to poor website design. From the moment they arrive at your website, your visitors should "feel" that your website is legitimate and trust-worthy. Otherwise, they won't be buying a single product, nor can you expect them to return to your store anytime soon.

Additionally, SEO does not comprise a complete marketing strategy on its own. This is why we recommend other marketing schemes such as Pay-Per-Click. Your SEO campaign should be complemented by additional marketing efforts. If you really want to see your business start cooking on the internet, it's going to take a combination of newsletter campaigns, PPC campaigns, public relations and effective social media to get the job done. There is no precise recipe for success, it's unique per the business.

What is your payment policy?

For customer convenience, our campaigns are spread out into monthly payments. We do not take deposits, nor do we charge any hidden fees. Please note that all sales are final, and we do not honor refunds or exchanges. Our policy has never caused any issues with our customers, because your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we are always looking to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Can I copy content from a similar website and use it as my own?

Duplicating content from a competitor’s website may seem harmless. It’s just some text, and because the web is so huge, it’s unlikely that your “crime” will ever be discovered… Right?

Here’s the problem. When crawling a website, Google analyzes whether or not its content is unique. Originality is one of the primary factors Google uses to determine the value of a website (and then ranks it accordingly in SERPS). When you copy original content from the web, and publish it as your own, it is no longer unique. Therefore, not only are you ruining your chances of ranking well in search engines, you are damaging the search engine rankings of the website you stole content from. Trust us -- they will notice when their traffic drops, and content theft is easily traced.

If you’ve “borrowed” content from another website, don’t be surprised if your hosting company is served a DMCA take-down notice, and your site is suspended. It’s also worth mentioning that Google factors in DMCA take-down claims when ranking sites. If your website is a repeat offender, you can permanently damage your potential to rank well in Google.

Should I build multiple websites for my company using different domain names?

It is common to see owners of several similar or related domain names try to monopolize the search engine rankings by building multiple websites with different domain names. There are several problems with this approach that will pretty much guarantee you won’t ever see the first page of Google.

For starters, Google tends to ignore websites without original content. Unique content is one of the key factors Google uses to evaluate a website’s worth. So, if you have launched multiple websites that all have pretty much contain the same text, you won’t see much (if any) action in Google.

Also, getting to the first page of Google is all about building authority on the web. Your goal is to grow an established website that has the attention and trust of online users. This isn’t easy, and it certainly takes time. If you’re attempting to launch multiple websites at once, you are only increasing your challenge. Our advice? Pick a primary domain name (the one that contains your most competitive keyword) and stick with it. You can still leverage the other domain names you own (provided they are related) by implementing a 301 redirect to your primary website.

Is a social media campaign right for my business?

The short answer: Yes!

Virtually any business will benefit from social media. Social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow companies to reach out and engage their customers and prospects. Without question, an engaged audience will lead to increased sales.

Picture it like this: You’re in a crowded room full of strangers. Maybe you vaguely recognize a few faces, but for the most part, it’s fair to say that you don’t know really anyone in the room. Suddenly, you see a familiar face – a good friend of yours. Aren’t you much more likely to deal with that good friend rather than someone you hardly know?

Social media helps your followers feel familiar and comfortable with your brand. They will choose you over your competitors because they know you better.

There are many ways that you can interact with your customers and prospects via social media: Running promotions and interactive contests, answering/asking questions, running polls, sharing interesting content, etc. The problem is that this sort of thing can very be time consuming. If you’re managing a business, you probably don’t have the time to dedicate yourself to composing Tweets and coming up with fun status updates for your fans.

That’s where BBEX comes in. We manage your social media for you. In fact, in most cases, we are able to grow your following on Facebook and Twitter by the hundreds within the first month of your campaign. More Followers = More Customers = More Sales.