Internet Video Marketing

Set your message in motion with cutting edge video technology
designed to attract a massive internet audience.

Every day, internet users across the globe log onto YouTube and watch over two billion videos. Indeed, YouTube is now among the premier search engines of the web, second only to Google, and there is no better way to increase sales and brand your company than to engage your audience via online video marketing.

One of the most effective business-growing tools in our arsenal is the ability to produce creative, eye-catching videos that grab hold of your target market and make them take action. BBEX can create professional marketing videos that communicate your company’s message in an effective and enticing manner and submit these to YouTube and other video-sharing search engines.

We can also implement online video marketing directly onto your website. Web pages that feature videos are guaranteed to spark interest among your visitors and effectively increase the amount of time they spend on the page. Search engines also value video content, creating additional opportunities for SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) for your website.

  • Attract prospects with cutting edge 3D videos.
  • Reach out to a wide audience by having your video submitted to YouTube.
  • Videos are search engine-optimized for cross indexation by Google.
  • Have your custom 3D video integrated into your website to improve SEO and visits.

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