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If your website is just letting traffic pass on by, then you're really missing out!
Obtain leads of people that are ready to BUY FROM YOU.

One of the most often missed website component is a tool for turning website visitors into potential leads. Despite being an integral part of a business website, it’s actually quite easy to setup.

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The Idea

The concept behind inbound lead generation through a website is to offer your visitor something of interest in exchange for their contact information. The visitor has found your website, shown interest in what you offer and has made a first step in making contact with you. Collecting these packets of information over time will allow you to build a database of qualified prospects that you may target.

How It Works

1. The Offer

What you offer your visitor will have to stimulate his interest enough to want to give his basic information (name, email, etc.). This can be a video, pictures, brochure, ebook, webinar, consultation, product demonstration, informative document, signing up to a newsletter or promotional offer, and etc etc.

  • We help you brainstorm for a unique offer that will interest your audience

2. Call to Action Form

Presenting the offer in an attractive manner is as important as the offer itself. Deciding on which page(s) and where and how on the page(s) to create the offer will require thought and design. You may only want to put this at the bottom of a specific product/service landing page, or you may want it at the top of each page of your site.

  • We design a form with appealing text and integrate into your website

3. Collecting Leads

You may want to have all of the leads/inquiries directly emailed to you, or you might prefer to have them automatically uploaded to an Email Marketing website to help you organize and email the leads. We help you figure out the best way that will work for you and your business team.

  • We create a user-friendly method for you to organize your incoming leads

Our lead generation expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Effective Opt-in web forms
  • Email marketing/CRM Integration
  • Social media and SEO strategies
  • And more...

Before you do any further marketing to your website, ensure that you're NOT going to lose all the visitors that come visit you - - turn new visitors into leads and profit.