Lead Lists

Acquire lists of leads that you can sell to.
Get quality leads that are newly generated through the Search Engines!

BBEX uses a powerful tool to extract email addresses from various sources to create an email contact list that you can sell to.

Collect e-mail addresses from the following sources:

Leads are essential to your business

How It Works

Every email marketing campaign – an integral part of any Online Marketing campaign – requires email addresses. Conventional lead lists are low quality, which results in a very low conversion rate.

Now you have the ability to extract email addresses directly from the Internet and Search Engines. Our unique program automatically crawls search engine results and websites for email addresses. So if your prospective customers can be found online, we can create a lead list for you. All you need to do is let us know which keyword(s) to search and extract for.

When you buy a lead list from us, it includes us verifying email address from the list to ensure that you don’t hit Spam blocks, duplicates or problematic leads.

Choose how many lead lists you want (each keyword term per search engine scan, or each website scan, constitutes a lead list)