Live Chat Software

Enhance your visitors' shopping experience and increase sales Provide proactive assistance to potential buyers

Live chat software increases your website’s ability to convert visitors into customers. It’s something your online store shouldn’t do without.

Let’s say you’re shopping at a brick and mortar store and need assistance. If no one is around to help you, you will likely leave and buy your products from a competitor. The same is true for online shopping. There are times when virtual shoppers need immediate assistance, and they don’t have time to wait for an email response.

In fact, studies show that 66% of all cases of shopping cart abandonment are due to service-related issues. If you can just reach out to your visitors and provide them with the assistance they need, right at the moment they need it, you are much more likely to keep their sales.

Let BBEX create a custom live chat software solution for you. Features can include:

Professional Live Chat Agents

BBEX can provide a professional Chat Help Agent to assist your shoppers 24/7. Our agents are extensively trained and informed about your store’s services, policies and products.

Automated Responses

If a live agent isn’t feasible, our live chat software can be pre-loaded with helpful answers to common questions asked by consumers in your field. Our writing team can research and create this material for you.

Website Integration

Your chat software will be fully customized to fit the look and theme of your store. It will integrate perfectly into your website’s interface to promote a smooth, clean shopping experience for your customers.

Analytics and Transcripts

For your convenience, we can configure your chat solution to include reporting features. Learn more about your customers’ habits and behavior, and in turn, improve your store’s ability to fulfill their needs.

Safety and Security

Give your customers peace of mind in knowing that any sensitive information they share in live chat will not be accessible to outside parties. Live chat communications are highly secure, and personal information, such as credit card numbers, is automatically removed from chat transcripts.