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Specialized Beauty SEO and Marketing

A salon isn’t run like an auto dealership, and an online skincare shop has a different target audience than a law firm—so why would you hire a marketing team that sees all of these businesses in the same light?

At BBEX, we don’t think that search engine optimization is a one-size-fits-all service. On the contrary, we tailor our services to fit your specific business’s needs and expectations. We can do this because we have extensive experience in the beauty market, and because we make market research and building a relationship with our clients a priority.

You don’t run a generic business, and we don’t deliver generic marketing: We deliver that special combination of beauty marketing and SEO you need to compete.

Are You Easily Found Online?

It’s no secret that beauty clients and customers are heading to online resources first. They research products, read reviews, and make purchases, often all with just a few taps of a finger. They’re used to finding what they want, and finding it fast.

All of that means that your company must be on the first page of Google or Bing searches for relevant terms. There are certainly other ways in which customers find the products and services they need—print advertisements, word of mouth, etc.—but in this digital age the efficiency of these methods pales in comparison to being searchable. Beauty SEO is essential.

Beauty SEO: What It Takes to Get to Page 1...

In the early days of search engine optimization, life was simple. Stuff some keywords, add some tagged images and relevant links, and you’re on your way. Those days are over. In the year 2000, there were over 17 million websites. In 2016 there were over a billion.

And yet, Google, Bing, and other top search engines manage to keep delivering fresh, relevant content when you type in just a few words. They can do so because they use incredibly powerful algorithms to determine their search results.

There are no shortcuts to achieving a great page rank, not anymore. But there are strategies—strategies that help search engines see your site for what it is, and to make sure others see it.

Of course, keywords still matter, but so does how we use them, the content in which they’re contained, and so much more. And all of this varies by industry, which is why our expertise in online beauty marketing and SEO is so critical.

We’ll put those strategies to work for you.

Who We Are:

BBEX Marketing is a creative and innovative internet marketing company in Boca Raton, Florida, specializing in beauty industry marketing and web design. We've had great success growing businesses in the beauty market for years now and have consulted major brands in the industry, including IMAGE Skincare and 21 Drops. Take a look at our reviews and see what our clients have been saying about us.

Let Us Handle Your (Online) Makeover
with Beauty Industry Marketing

You wouldn’t go to a dermatologist for a haircut or to a salon for a facelift—and you wouldn’t try to do either yourself, right? Your online presence is so crucial to your business’s success that it only makes sense to work with experienced, dedicated professionals.

Our team has been providing clients exceptional beauty market and industry specific SEO and online marketing for many years. Let us show you how we can enhance your online presentation and expand your customer base.

Below are just some of the excellent services you'll receive:

  • Top rankings in Google, Bing, etc.
  • Targeting unlimited keywords
  • Local search engines (Google Places, etc.)
  • Local directories (Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.)
  • Articles/press releases/blog posts
  • Social media marketing
  • Positive online reviews
  • Site performance and speed suggestions
  • Image optimization for Google Images
  • Analytics and monthly reports

A Sampling of Google Rankings by Client in the Beauty Industry

A large, international brand most notable for its annual worldwide launch parties, the BBEX Team has had the pleasure of working with IMAGE Skincare for numerous years now. Back in 2012, the company was still establishing itself, and through a combination of beauty industry marketing and SEO, we've been able to help IMAGE grow strong locally and in the international market, ranking for very highly competitive keywords across the globe.

  • skincare - #4
  • skin care - #5
  • stem cell serum - #5
  • stem cell products - #4
  • collagen drink - #5
  • professional skin care - #1

"BBEX always does a wonderful job, and so much of our growth in organic traffic is attributed directly to them. They are always on-hand whenever we need them. It is always a pleasure to workw ith BBEX Marketing."
- Dr. Marc R., Director


A wonderful brand, Beardilizer sells all-natural beard products. For Beardilizer, we performed SEO on two websites and helped one website recover from a Google Penalty that followed the domain from a previous owner. Both the client's websites now rank prominently in Google.

  • beard growth - #4
  • beard oils - #6
  • cream for beard - #5
  • beard growth supplement - #7

"Not only did BBEX help me grow my rankings and business, they also helped one of my websites recover from a Google Penalty that was in place from before I had purchased the domain. I'm so thankful!"
- Laurent C., Owner &

This client is an online store selling an all-natural weight loss supplement that works while you sleep. We've focused on obtaining a multitude of rankings for terms directly pertaining to "Nuez de la India."

  • Nuez de la India - #1
  • Nuez de India side effects - #2
  • Nuez de la India seed - #4
  • Nuez de la India reviews - #2
  • how to take Nuez de la India - #2
  • buy Nuez de la India - #2

"We were quickly on page 1 for nearly every keyword I could think of. Very impressive."
- Max C., Owner

A skincare company based out of Delray Beach, Florida, Elishéa sells exclusive all-natural skincare products designed and formulated by Dr. Esther Elisha. Dr. Elisha needed help growing her business online, and the BBEX team was up to the task.

  • liquid silk moisturizer spray - #3
  • overnight rejuvenating serum - #2
  • liquid silk moisturizer spray - #3
  • shabbos nutritive spray - #1

"Just as I take great care in formulating my skin care products for my clients, BBEX put together the perfect strategy to get me on page 1 of Google. They're masters of their craft!"
- Dr. Esther E., Owner

Face and BodyWorks, located in Hallandale, FL, specializes in a variety of services, from massage to skincare and weight loss/nutrition.

  • mesotherapy south florida - #5
  • mesotherapy hallandale - #1

"It is such a comfort to know that I am being found online in my locality. Thanks to BBEX's beauty SEO, I've never been so busy!"
- Linda R., Owner

quit is the premier online seller of essential oils.

  • oil therapy - #1
  • essential oil therapy - #1
  • how do essential oils work - #2
  • essential oil guide - #5

"Kudos on a job well done!"
- Cary C., Owner

A website selling all-natural, organic skincare products free of harsh chemicals found in many major brands.

  • diy anti aging peptides - #1
  • diy mouthwash - #4
  • how to make mouthwash - #5
  • diy copper peptide serum - #1

"For all my beauty marketing needs, BBEX is my secret weapon that helped me compete (and beat!) with the big brands in my industry. I'd recommend them to anybody."
- Kary F., Owner

Website Design for Beauty Websites

Beauty industry web design
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Beauty industry website design
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beauty website design
beauty website designers

Social Media for the Beauty Industry

IMAGE Skincare is a growing international brand with various product lines that target all skin concerns. IMAGE products are only available for purchase in spas, as well as the offices of dermatologists and physicians.


"Our likes have gone WAY up and our social media is very active now thanks to BBEX."
- Dr. Marc R., Owner

Beardilizer is a fun and contemporary brand focusing on the beard community and products for beard growth and maintenance. We've helped them gain a massive following with enormous engagement on social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


"I'm so happy with the way our social media is going. The engagement is through the roof!"
- Laurent C., Owner

Beauty Reputation Management

We're committed to helping local businesses receive accurate reviews by their customers. Here is one example of a reputation management campaign in the beauty industry!


"I'm so proud of our good standing online!"
- Cary C., Owner

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