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Specialized Food Industry Marketing, SEO and Website Design

Some marketing and SEO experts act as if their online expertise alone can help their clients achieve new heights. Here at BBEX, however, we understand that while excellent marketing skills and SEO know-how are critical, it’s also important that we understand our client’s businesses, and what their clients are looking for. We’ve put in the time and effort to truly understand how to market and conduct SEO for food and beverage industry clients—and we’ve proven we can get results.

Is Your Audience Finding You?

The food industry is about so much more than baking cookies or posting recipes—as you already know. Food is part of our culture, it’s an integral part of our social lives, and it’s also an art. Word of mouth, participating in events and sponsorships, and of course, advertising all play a role in helping you attract more readers, users, and customers.

Attracting your potential customers to your online food-oriented site by improving search results is an obvious must, but what some don’t realize is just how critical food blog SEO really is. Millennials expect to find this information online, but they depend heavily on search engines to do so —just being part of a popular blog ring isn’t good enough for food blog marketing anymore. If you’re not optimizing your food blog SEO to boost your online presence and exploit this tendency, you’re not giving your business, blog, or site its best shot at success.

You need to rank highly in popular search engines like Google and Bing, and you need to back those rankings up with the content your audience is looking for.

What Does It Take to Rank in Google?

Google’s search engine algorithm is a thing of beauty when it comes to serving up the links consumers want to see. That means that getting a great Google ranking requires (at least) the following two things: Creating the content that consumers want, and ensuring that Google knows you’re providing it to them. This is largely what SEO for the food industry entails. If you’re able to accomplish that, your website is going to race up the rankings, and you can rest assured that potential visitors searching “food blogger Tampa” or “Chicago cupcake art” are going to see you.

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

Once upon a time, a high search engine ranking was as simple as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing refers to the (now useless) practice of simply cramming common search terms onto a page devoid of real content. But today’s search engine algorithms are far too intelligent for that. Hundreds, if not thousands, of different factors are taken into account so that search engine titans like Google and Bing can compete with one another to provide the best search results.

SEO for food industry clients is complex and requires expertise and finesse—because not only are search engines competing with one another, but your fiercest industry rivals are competing with you. Here at BBEX, we don’t try to “game the system.” Instead, we deliver results by understanding the system and working with it.

Effective Food Marketing

Succeeding online isn't all about Google rankings either. You need an effective machine for getting your cuisine seen and talked about on the web. Food marketing is our expertise, and we know what it takes to make waves on social media and the blogosphere.

BBEX Gets You Results

If the staff at BBEX took over your kitchen for the day, how well do you think we’d do? Sure, what we'd prepare might look like it's edible, but you probably wouldn’t want to post the results on Insta.

Just as creating and sharing cooking expertise and food knowledge is an art and a skill, so is providing great food industry specific SEO and marketing. We are completely and totally dedicated to understanding the mechanics of search engine optimization and the online marketing techniques most relevant to the food and beverage industries.

We’re not here to spam your customers or scam you. We’re here to make your business more visible online and to quantifiably increase your sales.

Who We Are:

BBEX Marketing is a creative and innovative food industry marketing company in Boca Raton, Florida. For nearly a decade, the BBEX team has continuously led the industry with original, “outside the box” thinking and effective solutions for SEO and web design. Take a look at our reviews and see what our clients have been saying about us.

What We Do For You

It’s a full time job understanding the continually evolving practices of search engine optimization, and it’s a full job we’re happy to do. We analyze your current marketing and sales situation, in-depth, so that we can apply the full strength of our SEO and marketing knowledge to improving it.

Below are just some of the excellent services you'll receive:

  • Top rankings in Google, Bing, etc.
  • Targeting unlimited keywords
  • Local search engines (Google Places, etc.)
  • Local directories (Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.)
  • Articles/press releases/blog posts
  • Social media marketing
  • Positive online reviews
  • Site performance and speed suggestions
  • Image optimization for Google Images
  • Analytics and monthly reports

Food Marketing and SEO has been our specialty for almost a decade.

Food blog marketing and SEO aren't just about plugging in certain words or phrases, it’s not just about writing certain articles, or buying certain types of ads. Of course, those things help, but what sets us apart from other SEO agencies is our commitment to innovation. We use unique techniques, developed in house, to give you the best possible results. Below is one example of a satisfied client who attained page 1 rankings for very competitive food industry-related keywords in their locality:

  • catering venue boca raton - #1
  • catering for kosher south florida - #4
  • catering venues boca raton - #7
  • catering for kosher boca raton - #1

"I approached BBEX after negative experiences with other SEO companies, and now I wish they were my first stop. After years of struggling and waiting to get to page 1 on Google, BBEX finally achieved it after only a few months. The BBEX Team are the real deal, and they won't let you down."
- Zoe L., Director


A dietary / weight loss product that works while you sleep, we've helped this brand dominate the 1st page of Google for relevant search terms.

  • thai weston - #1
  • thai coral springs - #3
  • thai and japanese weston - #1
  • thai and japanese restaurant weston - #1

"BBEX pulled a slam dunk with my SEO!"
- Jack P., Owner

A dietary / weight loss product that works while you sleep, we've helped this brand dominate the 1st page of Google for relevant search terms.

  • nuez de la india weight loss - #3
  • almond from india to lose weight - #3
  • nuez del;a india diet - #2
  • seed of india weight loss - #4
  • candlenut weight loss - #1
  • candlenut diet - #1

"BBEX pulled a slam dunk with my SEO!"
- Max C., Owner

A local kosher bagel restaurant, BBEX helped this small business owner get found online by local searchers.

  • boca raton kosher bagel - #2
  • kosher bagels boca - #3
  • kosher bagel boca - #2
  • kosher bagels boca raton fl - #2

"Now I'm so busy, I don't know what to do (not that I'm complaining)!"
- Simon S., Owner

Food Website Design

food industry graphic design food industry graphic design
food industry graphic design food industry web designer

A Feast for the Eyes: Food Graphic Design

Our design team has the skills and creativity to present your delicious creations in a way that will make your customers hungry for me. Here is a recent example of a flyer designed for a restaurant specializing in kosher foods.


"Wow you guys don't mess around. The flyer is awesome!"
- Simon S., Owner

Our team loves sushi and Thai food, and our passion translates into our designs.


"Very impressive. You nailed it!"
- Jack P., Owner

Food Social Media

Helping a local chain of Japanese and Thai restaurants grow an audience on Facebook has been a pleasure for our team! It probably helps that we love Thai food!


"Watching my Facebook page grow and seeing the Facebook referrals to my site increase dramatically month over month has been an amazing experience. BBEX is the real deal."
- Jack P., Owner

We utilized an organic and all-natural strategy to help this business grow their audience on social media!


"Great job on our social media! Our Facebook and Instagram have really come to life, and we're busier than ever now at Farms To You HQ!"
- Jonny O., Owner

Food Reputation Management

We're committed to helping local businesses receive accurate reviews by their customers. Here is one example of a reputation management campaign in the food industry!


"You guys are geniuses! Your grassroots campaign to get us more reviews worked like a charm."
- Jack P., Owner

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The sooner we connect, the sooner BBEX can help your business excel the way it was meant to. We’ll be able to craft the optimal food industry SEO and marketing plan for your business. Fill out our contact form, or, if you prefer, give us a call. We’re confident that we’ll make a great first impression, and you’ll see just how devoted we are to your success.

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