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How Are You Getting New Clients?

If you answered “word of mouth” and “paid advertising,” great—those are certainly two important methods. But they’re also increasingly outdated if you want your law firm to thrive, not just survive. A staggering 85% (and rising) of today’s customers find the local services they need another way: online searching. If you’re truly ambitious, you’ve already realized what this means. You need law SEO to get your firm’s landing page on the front page of popular search engines like Google and Bing. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Dominating the Legal Industry Online

The legal profession is a competitive industry, and if you aren't standing out online, you're fighting a losing battle. First, you need a website that can do your practice justice (pardon our pun)! A professionally-designed website will help convey your expertise, and you also want to be sure your site is designed to effectively convert and generate leads. Now, let's say you already have a great website that sells. If no one is coming to your website, then it won't do you any good. In such a competitive industry, it's not only important to have an online presence, you need to have an expert legal SEO and marketing machine in place that can get people to your site and your visitors to convert. With expert legal website design, marketing and SEO in place, it's an open and shut case.

How Do We Get A Great Google Ranking?

For a law firm to score a high rank on today’s sophisticated search engines involves a specific brand of legal search engine optimization (SEO), which is the science (and art) of building a web presence so robust that search engines like Google and Bing are motivated to make sure their users see you before they see your competition. When someone searches, “Tallahassee real estate lawyer,” or “Boca Raton criminal defense attorney,” you want search engines scrambling to serve up your site. Law SEO can help your firm find clients in your region that are interested in the services you specialize in.

How Does SEO Work?

In the old days, getting a high search engine ranking was as easy as “keyword stuffing,” a now obsolete (and pretty unethical) process of cramming your page full of nonsensical search terms. Search engines are far more sophisticated than they used to be, however, and they take into account hundreds of different factors. These run the whole gamut, from relevant words and terms, to the amount of time people spend on your site, to how currently your content is updated, its level of quality, which other sites link to you (and vice versa), and so much more.

SEO for law firms is not easy, because search engines are fiercely competing to provide users with the best results. There’s no such thing as gaming the system anymore—which is why it’s more important than ever to hire knowledgeable professionals with a proven track record of success in managing SEO for law firms. Professionals like those that compose our team at BBEX.

Professionals Get Results

Imagine I asked you, “How do you win a case?”

If you even wanted to attempt to break it down, you’d have a lot of questions: What type of law is concerned? Who are the relevant parties? What events transpired? What sort of evidence or documentation is there? What is the jurisdiction? The list goes on.

SEO is similar in that being successful requires a deep understanding of the mechanics of legal search engine optimization, constantly educating oneself about what does and does not work, and analyzing each and every client’s needs and resources individually. Then, all of that knowledge has to be put to use effectively and efficiently.

SEO is not a simple “spam” service, when it’s done right, by the experts, anymore than legal representation is a guy in a sleazy suit making backroom deals. Choosing the right SEO and online marketing services means distinguishing between what’s real—and what’s really just an attempt to separate you from your money.

BBEX is the real deal.

What We Do For You

We’re constantly educating ourselves on search engine algorithm changes and the ways in which website presentation, web presence, and content interact with them. We’re constantly researching, testing, and using the latest SEO technology. We do in-depth analysis of both your current situation and the results we achieve as they come in, to maintain a flexible, evolving angle of attack. We take all of this knowledge and create efficient, affordable law firm SEO strategies designed to give you the competitive edge you need, and then we put those strategies into action to get incredible results.

Not only that, our law firm SEO practices are designed with the specific needs of attorneys in mind. Practices differ not only as SEO evolves and search engines change their algorithms, but between industries as well. Getting great legal SEO results is going to require a different approach compared to what it takes to get great results for a medical facility or an online retailer.

Below are just some of the excellent services you'll receive:

  • Top rankings in Google, Bing, etc.
  • Targeting unlimited keywords
  • Local maps (Google Places, etc.)
  • Local directories (Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.)
  • Articles/press releases/blog posts
  • Social media marketing
  • Positive online reviews
  • Site speed and performance
  • Image optimization for Google Images
  • Analytics and monthly reports

Legal SEO has been our specialty for almost a decade.

We know what it takes to make a law practice succeed online. We have obtained prominent rankings for many highly competitive legal-related terms. We use uniquely effective techniques that obtain long-lasting results. Below are just a few of the fun projects we've had an opportunity to work on:

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"I approached BBEX after negative experiences with other SEO companies, and now I wish they were my first stop. After years of struggling and waiting to get to page 1 on Google, BBEX finally achieved it after only a few months. The BBEX Team are the real deal. They reall understand law SEO and didn't let me down."
- ristin C., Owner


Here is another sampling of rankings for a client that specialized in foreign real estate investment, real estate law and timeshare law.

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"I rank in the top 10 for all of my relevant and highly competitive keywords, and it's all thanks to BBEX. I heard great things about them from colleagues, and I can also confirm that their reputation is well-deserved. I don't hand out praise freely or easily, but BBEX has proven themselves to be professionals and experts that get results."
- Marlyn W., Owner

Below is another example of a law firm that needed a boost in their online presence. Within just a short time, our client was ranking high for relevant, competitive terms.

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"Thank you for helping us get on the map. It's exciting to find us so easily in Google whenever I look us up using relevant keywords. Apparently, our clients are also having no problem finding us too, because business has never been better."
- James C., Owner

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