SalvageBikesAuction Case Study is part of one of the oldest online networks of salvage auction
websites. Its parent company, Inloher Corporation, desired to have a stronger
presence on the web in terms of Google rankings/traffic and social media.

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Client Testimonial

The Challenge is a massive website. Optimizing the website for search engines was an enormous undertaking that required hours of keyword research and creating meta and content.

The Strategy

  • Optimize a massive e-commerce website for search engines
  • Create content for hundreds of search category pages
  • Achieve Page 1 Google Rankings for a vast quantity of relevant keywords
  • Increase Likes and Following on Twitter and Facebook

The Results

Large, continuous increase in traffic.

A 95.42% increase in organic traffic over 1 year.

A 115% increase in Facebook referral visits within 1 year

Page 1 Rankings Achieved

*These Google rankings might be subject to change. Please ask us for a current list.

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