Reputation Management

Don't let spam or disgruntled reviews hurt your business
Drown out the noise with truthful information and positive customer feedback

Online blogs and directories present great opportunities for consumers to promote and discover your business. However, because most commentary on the internet is submitted anonymously, this means that anyone can leave a review for a business — even a former disgruntled employee. Moreover, there are times when a negative review in a directory, or rant posted on a blog, can make its way to the first page of Google. This is something that can have a damaging impact on a business. Experts in search engine optimization and internet marketing, BBEX offers a variety of services that effectively promote your business while mitigating dubious or spammy reviews in search engines.

Social Media

Interacting with your fans through social media is a great way to build a positive impression on the web and show the world that you care about your customers. If you don’t have the time or experience necessary to manage social media, let BBEX handle the work for you. Our social media specialists can interact with your fans on Facebook and Twitter, run contests and promotions on your behalf, and grow your audience while you focus on running your business.

Blogging and SEO

Let our professional writers spread the word about your company. BBEX can write, publish and distribute informative articles that allow consumers the opportunity to get to know the real you. Best of all, these posts are optimized for search engines to ensure that they rise above dubious listings and misinformation that may be appearing in search engines.

Directory Listing Management

If spammy or sketchy reviews are clogging up your online directory listings, BBEX can help. We can enhance your company’s listings and promote them online, encouraging others to leave feedback. This, in turn, will help push down spammy noise or disgruntled feedback in favor of reviews that are positive and sincere.