Users Testing Your Website ‣ Observe From Live User Behavior

Real People, Real Testing, Recorded by Video.
See sample test video below.

Set up your user test in minutes… You’ll get feedback in as little as 1 hour!

Learn how your website is being used by having random users test your website and provide feedback.

With your test you get 2 things from each participant:

1. A video of the participant speaking their thoughts as they browse your site.

2. The participant’s written responses to your questions.

How It Works

1. Select Your Participant(s)

  • Specify demographics to match your target audience. Choose the gender, age, country, income and other options.

2. Create Your Test

  • Describe the tasks you want users to perform.
  • Test anything on the web – your website, your competitors’ websites, Facebook games, Google ads, and mobile apps.
  • You can setup your test so that the participant uses his Computer, or his mobile device.

3. Get Results

  • Watch videos of participants using your site. Hear them describe where they get stuck or confused.
  • Receive written answers to your questionnaire. Export to Excel for further analysis.
  • Interact with users after the test and ask follow-up questions.

4. Learn & Improve

  • Edit or Share the videos/results with your colleagues.
  • Improve your website usability and increase conversion rates.

Example -- User Testing of Our Website

The user involved in the test below for our BBEX Website was given the following tasks to perform:

  • Task 1: Locate and view our conversion optimization page, and then add the "Conversion Optimization" product to their virtual shopping cart.
  • Task 2: Sign up for our newsletter.
  • Task 3: Locate and view our Website Design Portfolio page.
  • Task 4: Find our payment policy description.