We Will Transport It Case Study

WeWillTransportIt.com is a website pertaining to the automotive transport industry. The client has a fantastic reputation for providing outstanding service in car, boat and oversize equipment transportation. Despite this, the client's search engine presence was lacking. Our job was to help the client attain numbers page 1 rankings in Google that were relevant to the various services they offered.

Client Testimonial

The Challenge

Despite having a strong reputation online, wewilltransportit.com did not rank for keywords as it should have. We needed to properly optimize the website and get the website ranking utilizing SEO techniques and content marketing.

The Strategy

A combination of techniques were employed including:

  • Sitewide optimization of meta data and content
  • Backlink cleanup
  • A new link building campaign
  • Content marketing: videos, blogs and articles

The Results

The website initially struggled to achieve 1st page rankings; however, through a combination of SEO and content marketing (articles, videos and blogs), the client was able to attain the page 1 rankings they deserved.

Page 1 Rankings Achieved

*These Google rankings might be subject to change. Please ask us for a current list.

  • Shipping RV
  • 5th Wheel Hauling Service
  • Oversize Hauling
  • Motorcycle Hauling
  • Transporting RVs