Website Translations

High-quality language translation
Reach different audiences

The internet makes it easy to reach out and interact with the entire world, but most online businesses allow the boundaries of language to limit their targeting. If your website contains only English, you’re missing out on the other 78% of internet users world-wide that speak a different language.

Why limit your business’ reach when the entire world can be your customer base?

Fortunately, a websites can be built and optimized to accommodate a variety of languages. A professional translation of your website’s content can be seamlessly integrated into your website for the convenience of you and your clients.

Our list of language translation services include:

Content Translation (in Any Language) – At BBEX, we have professional copywriters that are fluent in all languages. Say, for example, if you want to expand your business into Japan, we can provide you with a professional writer that is native to that language. Your translated copy will retain its persuasiveness and original calls to action while incorporating nuances that uniquely to appeal to different demographics.

Keyword Research and Implementation – We will perform separate keyword research to target high search volume versions of keywords in each language. A Direct translation isn’t always sufficient in SEO. For example, the direct translation of “car insurance” is “l’assurance automobile.” However, French-speaking users are much more likely to enter “assurance voiture” when they search.

Multi-Lingual Video and Audio Voiceovers – Sound and imagery are the most effective attention-grabbers on the web. No matter what language you want to reach, we can create persuasive, professional videos that will motivate visitors to buy.